Hurricane Irma Update/Republic of Cuba

September 12, 2017by CubaHeal Research

We would like to post the following update regarding the status of our field team and the restoration of essential services in the city of Havana, as well as other areas throughout the Republic of Cuba:

  1. Electricity to the city of Havana will be restored by the end of 9/12/2017;
  2. All medical facilities and hospitals are at full capacity;
  3. All fresh and clean water supply will be restored by the end of 9/12/2017;
  4. Public transportation has been restored to most of Havana;
  5. Distribution of fuel has been restored to most of Havana;
  6. All telephone services are at near normal levels;
  7. Police and armed forces are fully mobilized without interruption;
  8. Firefighting forces and emergency services are fully mobilized;
  9. Food distribution services are fully functional, including delivery of food supplies to other affected provinces;
  10. Radio and television services are fully functional;
  11. Some interruption in banking services;
  12. Slow down in port services, including airports; and
  13. Partial shut down of educational services.

CubaHeal will continue on updating our clients and visitors of the progress of restoration in the Republic of Cuba.

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