Accommodation Facilities


Only 15 minutes east from Havana, surrounded by restaurants, and plenty of recreational and service options.

Vista Mar is a residential complex made up of 7 buildings of 2 and 3 levels surrounding a central pool, and a total of 74 apartments of 1 or 2 bedrooms.


Calles 15 y 16, e/ 3ra y Servicio Sur, Balcón de Santa María



  1. Fully furnished airconditioned apartments, including international TV channels package
  2. Wi-Fi services within the compound (courtesy of CubaHeal)
  3. MLC store (household items must be purchased online)
  4. Electrical generators
  5. Garden snack bar/ BBQ area
  6. Swimming pools
  7. Gym
  8. Studying areas
  9. Common laundromat


  1. Transportation to and from school
  2. Infirmary
  3. 24/7 security
  4. Spanish and premed tutorial classes (1-2 classes a week. This program is offered by CubaHeal
    Medical Tourism Inc/ CubaHeal Caribbean)


  1. Each place of accommodation is intended for a minimum of 2 students. For students wishing to live independently, additional costs will apply
  2. Be respectful to the home the complex management
  3. Be respectful to the complex’s rules in terms of parties, and number of guests and length of stayof said guest
  4. Under no circumstances will sleepover be allowed. This applies to welcoming visitors forsleepover or sleeping in a different place of accommodation. Breaking this rule is a violation of Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Cuba (MININT) and the Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP), as well as the complex’s rules.
  5. Students are responsible for their share of the utilities.
  1. Apartments should always be maintained and cleaned. Students sharing a place of residence should divide house chores between them. If the place of accommodation is not properly maintained, CubaHeal will hire CIMEX cleaning staff and charge the students for the cost
  2. Students are responsible for any damage caused to place of residence, properties and/ or fixtures


  1. Payment must be arranged via CubaHeal head office or one of its affiliates
  2. Payment must be made 28 days prior to the student’s arrival
  3. Single Room (1 occupant): $350.00 USD/ a month plus utilities
  4. Double Room (2 occupants): $300.00 USD/ a month plus utilities

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