Addiction Treatment Villas

Cuba has developed an effective treatment for the complete rehabilitation of people with addiction to substances like drugs and alcohol. The treatments are received in addiction treatment villas that foster safty and serenity.

Cuba has the most advanced modern therapeutic communities: Quinque Villa, Villa El Cocal Holguín, Villa Hummingbird and Punta Ventura, Santiago de Cuba, all with single rooms and equipped with the amenities necessary for the development of the therapeutic program, such as air conditioning, cable TV, air conditioning, single and double beds, hot and cold water, laundry service, swimming pool, gym, and restaurants.

The program, with several decades of experience, is based on the modern approach of Therapeutic Community. It is guided by a multidisciplinary team led by psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, nurses, physical education specialist, who work together to change patient’s lifestyle.

The therapeutic community, as a model of treatment, facilitates change through self-help in several care stages for personal growth, maturation and behavioral self-awareness leading the patient to overcome the dependence. All of these programs utilized in technologically advanced world-class centers and communities.

These modern communities are located in the center and east of the country, bringing together all the comfort required to develop the program.

The peaceful setting surrounded by a vigorous nature, hospitality and professionalism of the healthcare team make these centers a nice place for effective recovery.

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