Why Cuba?

Cuba is a sun-drenched tropical paradise. It prides itself on superb cultural, historical, and artistic traditions. Its major centers host an incredible blend of spectacular old and new architecture, while its landscape is rich and varied in plant life, magnificent lush green mountains, and mineral and medicinal springs.

The people of the island trace their ancestry to their Spanish and African roots. They are sincerely friendly, warm, communicative, enthusiastic, and hospitable. It is uncommon to meet a Cuban who is not outgoing and fond of festivals, music, and especially dancing. Most Cubans find it very easy to joke around about almost anything. This is not to say that Cubans are shallow or cavalier, but that they usually face difficulties with a positive attitude. Cubans are extremely patriotic and highly value their national dignity and social achievements. Cuba, with its mix of Spanish and African roots, is the largest.

Visitors to Cuba are usually mesmerized by its warm, clean crystal blue waters; magnificent world-class beaches; superb hotels, villas, and resorts; and an exciting nightlife featuring great pubs and clubs. Besides the conventional tourist attractions, sports enthusiasts can enjoy riding, bicycling, hiking, tennis, and water sports, including excellent scuba diving, saltwater fishing, and hunting.

Through our sister company EcoCuba Pro, we can arrange unforgettable organized tours full of beaches, water sports and fishing, hunting, dining, sightseeing, and country journeys that introduce you to the people, culture, and ecological wonders of the island. Cuba is a super place for a vacation, medical recovery, and relaxation.

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