A New Hope for Skin Cancer Patients in Cuba

December 11, 2018by CubaHeal Research0

A new hope for skin cancer patients in Cuba. Skin cancer is a disease which affects the skin due to irregular and harmful formation of skin cells. It can spread to other parts of the human body if not treated in time.

The three types of skin cancer found across the world are as follows:

  • Basal-cell skin cancer (BCC)

It is the most common one in all the three types of cancer. It grows upon the skin with time but is less vulnerable to spread to other parts of the body. This makes it less painless and less critical for the patients.

  • Squamous-cell skin cancer (SCC)

This type of cancer is more critical in comparison to Basal-cell. Also, it is more likely to spread to others parts of the body. It is also susceptible to be turned into an ulcer.

  • Melanoma

The development of this type of cancer starts from the pigment holding cells but can also arise from mouth, eye or an intestine in some cases.


skin cancer treatment Skin cancer treatment has become a lot more sophisticated and modern with every passing moment. Cuba has advanced an all new medicine called as Heberferon for skin cancer patients. We are well versed with the fact that Cuba is the leading country on the globe with the finest medical research and development personals.

This medicine took 20 years for the medical team to develop. It is a great accomplishment in the field of medicine. This medicine is injected in the patients who are suffering from the skin cancer (except melanoma) with the object of eradicating skin tumor from its roots and preventing the patients from any possible side effects post-surgery.

It reduces the need for surgery in sensitive parts of the human body like eye, ear, and mouth. It is effective in reducing the size and restraining the tumor from growing even larger.

CubaHeal’s role

CubaHeal is adamant in providing the patient with all the logistical support such processing treatment requests, gaining treatment approval, and booking and visa granting support. Furthermore, our Cuban field team carries translation and personal support services and tasks for the patient and to eliminate all social boundaries and to ensure proper treatment can be availed by anyone at anytime in Cuba.

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