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Orthopedic is the area of medicine that involves caring for the musculoskeletal body system. The medical area focuses on bones, tendons, ligaments and joints treatment. An orthopedist is a specialist who deals in orthopedics and combines surgical and non-surgical approaches to treating musculoskeletal difficulties including back and joint problems, bone fractures, soft tissue injuries, neck pain, shoulder pain and congenital abnormalities such as scoliosis and clubfoot.

Orthopedic surgery is the medical operative performance on the body musculoskeletal system including the tendons, muscles, bones, joints and ligaments. Orthopedic surgery bifurcates into three with an arthroscopic approach which is described as faster and painless and the traditional approach which currently competes with the former. The surgery type includes joint replacement procedures which are processes of replacing injured joints with prosthetics through possible surgical operations. The joint operation involves surgically replacing knees and hips with proper care before and after the medical procedures. Revision joint surgery is the next with care for a failed surgical implant or when the implant becomes defective. Fusion of the spine, bone and soft tissue repair is the other type of orthopedic surgery which are undertaken by skilled orthopedic surgeons.

Sporting and recreational activities are becoming highly recommended for individuals to sustain a good living. Many have taken to the recommendation and this has caused an increase in recreational engagements and reported low risks of cardiovascular diseases associated with non-exercising lifestyles. However, the consequences of high sporting activities have been in some quarters, injuries. Beyond sports and recreational engagements, accidents have been a major cause of orthopedic disorders including concussion, a severe brain injury, whiplash, a neck injury, bone fractures, muscle strains, back injuries, and spinal challenges. It’s also possible to suffer any of these disorders at home when involved in domestic accidents. However, despite the rise in orthopedic disorders, people still struggle to get perfect surgeries and treatment and, in some cases, may end up with revision joint surgery. This is because the earlier surgery they had failed and became a source of the problem. To avoid such occurrences, the Cuban medical system has developed treatment procedures with top-rated orthopedic experts to handle orthopedic disorders.

Orthopedic Programs in Cuba

World-class orthopedic hospitals with 24/7 services are readily available in Cuba. The medical centers combine leading orthopedic experts with tech-based tools and efficient human resources to giving top-notch medical treatment and complication-free orthopedic surgery. The medical centers include:

  • Frank Pais Orthopedic Hospital: Frank Orthopedic center is a globally-ranked hospital that deals in patient-focused musculoskeletal treatments. The hospital is located in La Lisa, Havana and homes the prestigious Latin America School of Orthopedics and Traumatology. The center specifically deals in rehabilitative surgery, orthopedic treatment and surgery and correctional procedures of the musculoskeletal system. The center is led by one of the best orthopedic surgeons in Cuba, Prof. Rodrigo Alvarez, M.D Ph.D. The director works with a choice of leading medical experts at the center and makes records of breakthrough surgeries consistently. Frank Pais Orthopedic hospital is a top destination for anyone seeking spinal or skeletal surgery and care because the center combines modern medical technologies, center-manufactured accessories with professional orthopedics to give result-yielding treatment for spine, tissue, neuro injuries and paralysis. The center specializes in pseudarthrosis, spinal diseases, reconstructive surgeries, spinal cord injury paralysis, bone enlargement, revascularization, fractures and rehabilitation.
  • Cira Garcia: Cira Garcia is a Cuban medical institute that provides high-class medical services to individuals especially with international repute and recognition in the business world. The center gives detailed testing, treatment and surgery to diplomats, businessmen and individuals in need of quality health services in a world-class facility. Cira Garcia specializes in attending to the medical needs of foreigners as well as Cubans who desire complication-free treatment and medical guidance. The center has a guaranteed security system that ranks high in Cuba with a track record of in-and-out efficient facility security system for patients and their relatives. Cira Garcia is certified by Bureau Veritas and deals in surgeries, dentistry, rehabilitation and physical medicine. The center has licensed experts who command respect in the medical tourism in Cuba and work with modern surgical, scanning, and treating technologies.
  • Hospital Hermanos Ameijeiras: The Hospital Quirurgico also known as the Hospital Hermanos Ameijeira has over 40 years of medical excellence records. The center which was commissioned by Fidel Castro in 1982 has catalyzed medicine to becoming easily accessed, effective and public-oriented in Cuba. The hospital is one of the leading medical centers in the world with devoted attention, experts and resources to achieving maximal public health through responsive and people-centered testing, care, treatment and surgery. The center specializes in some of the expert-needing medical procedures including interventional endoscopy, microsurgery, imaging, extracorporeal lithotripsy, histological and cytological diagnosis and complex surgeries. Medical students at Hospital Hermanos Ameijeiras are taught in the areas of malignant diseases, minimally invasive surgery, organ and tissue transplant and clinical sciences.

Why Cuba?

Cuba is a global choice destination for orthopedic treatment and surgery because the country leads in medical and surgery services. The world-class ranking of Cuban medical services is premised on:

  • Affordable and quality treatment: Cuba offers affordable and quality health services on a world-rated basis. Receiving orthopedic treatment in Cuba comes at attainable rates and is easier to pay for when compared with other medical services globally. Treatment in Cuba lasts between two-week and two-month and over fifty thousand persons have benefitted from the professional medical care in the country. The Cuban health system prides in its well-trained orthopedic experts, effective drugs and human-centric musculoskeletal disorder treatments. The number of people seeking medical care in Cuba is a testament to the quality and affordability of health services in the Island nation. Orthopedics in Cuba work with concerns for their patients and administer safe and certified drugs for treatment. Cuban health system is ranked in the league of top global medical services alongside the United Kingdom, the United States and India.
  • Global medical expertise: Cuba prides on its world-rated medical expertise in orthopedics. Patients from over forty countries have a record of successful treatment in Cuba with effective post-treatment guides and medicinal provisions. The Cuban government has invested in tech-based medical treatment and this affords orthopedic experts the opportunity of using technology resources for result-focused musculoskeletal disorder treatment. The adoption of tech tools in treatment and surgery support has created an overriding competition for traditional orthopedic and has made medical treatment of joint and spinal injury less complicated in Cuba.
  • World-class facilities: top-ranked medical centers in the world are recognized by the patient-doctor ratio, patients’ review and medical facilities available at the centers. Cuban health takes an upper position because global-rated medical facilities are readily available in health centers across the country. Cuba has a record of medical infrastructural development and the country has optimized technology for more patient-oriented orthopedic services that attract thousands of medical care seekers to the country. Cuba has integrated pharmaceutical discoveries, logistical advancement and practical-oriented orthopedic experts to providing one of the best orthopedic treatments globally. The integration is regarded as the national science of Havana and tops among medical contemporaries in the world.
  • Breakthrough records: rising records of successful orthopedic treatment positions Cuba as a go-to country when it comes to orthopedic treatment and surgery. Although, Cuba’s economy was previously challenged by international trade differences. Cuban government initiative has helped the nation move beyond once-backward in economies to becoming the leading medical nation in the world. The government has invested in medical scholarship and has allowed medical-passionate individuals from low-income backgrounds to access medical education for free. The result of medical scholarship in Cuba has been a record availability of medical experts and surgeons and their availability has translated to increasing medical breakthroughs especially in the orthopedic branch of medicine.
  • Country-wide COVID-19: Amidst the resurging COVID-19 cases and situations in different countries of the world, it is required to seek medical attention in a safe country, safe hospital and from safe medical practitioners. With an overall record of five successful COVID-19 vaccines production, the Cuban government has been able to cater for majority vaccination in the country using a country-wide approach. The mass vaccination method implemented in Cuba has helped reduce the prevalence of coronavirus in the country and this charts a good line and direction for medical tourism. It’s right to say Cuba is a safe country to seek medical treatment and high-value surgery without complications. Traveling, isolation and vaccination protocols in the country are well regulated and human-centered with no racial differences.
  • Global Collaboration: Cuba is investing in medical resources and surgical technologies with consistent alliances with international groups. A project initiated in Cuba in 2016 has been implemented in Cuba for a modern orthopedic treatment. The alliance is between Ottobock, a German company and Cuba and it’s focused on increasing access to orthopedic treatment and surgery knowledge for experts and providing affordable and quality orthopedic care and services for patients on a large scale in Cuba. The initiative has been approved by the Ministry of Public Health in Cuba and this has resulted in scalable improvement in the implant of the prosthesis and orthopedic technologies modernization. Orthopedic experts have been taken through seminars and practical for the use of the world-class medical equipment provided through the international alliance. While the German company provides top-class orthopedic equipment, Cuba incorporates locally manufactured prostheses and orthopedic facilities in attending to orthopedic cases in the country.

Injuries from sports and accidents are common sources of fractures, dislocations and musculoskeletal disorders. There are cases when other ailments in the body may jeopardize the effective functioning of the spinal system of the body. What is required in such cases is immediate medical attention. Also, musculoskeletal disorders require care and attention from an industry expert in medicine. However, not all medical centers have the human and medical resources to attend to orthopedic cases. To get an effective and complication-free orthopedic treatment and surgery, Cuba is the right destination. Cuba has top-ranked orthopedic centers with surgeons and experts with years of excellent medical practice and experience. The travel costs and protocols are friendly and rehabilitative procedures are also provided to patients.



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