Cuban assisted living and nursing home care program- an affordable adventure worth living

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Since you’re reading this article, the chances are, you are thinking about assisted living or nursing home care facility for the beloved elderly in the family. The decision is not easy- standards of care and prices across different facilities vary a lot. Also, no matter how cheap they claim to be, they’ll still put tremendous strain on your budget. Nevertheless, you would compromise on the price for the sake of higher quality of care. And finally, the decision comes with a sense of guilt. It’s normal, and it’s ok.

This article aims to give you a new idea, a different perspective, and solution that will put you at ease, so keep reading! The future is brighter than it might seem at the moment.

Today, about 2.5 million people in the US use services of assisted living and nursing homes. According to the statistic, the number of users by 2050 is going to triple. Longer life expectancy, growing population, improvements in healthcare quality, and availability did its thing- the population of elderly grows at a staggering rate. They need a kind of care that overgrows the capabilities of the family home surrounding. Some are dealing with physical disabilities that require expensive home modifications to maintain normal daily functioning. Others suffer conditions that require the use of specialized medical equipment and procedures. This is where assisted living and nursing homes come into play.

Assisted Living VS. Nursing Home Care- the Cuban way

Just like its name says- residents in assisted living need a helping hand in everyday activities. Someone to take care of their diet, personal hygiene, or maybe help them get into and out of a vehicle.

On the other hand, Nursing Home Care is for people whose health is severely impaired so they cannot take care of themselves or function normally without specialized healthcare.

The World Health Organization defines health as not only the absence of disease but a state of physical, social, and mental well-being. That is precisely what we do on Cuba- help our users to achieve an as healthy lifestyle as possible, giving the limitations of their health impairment.

The Cuban program offers these two major categories of care. However, there are many shades in between. Since no two humans are alike, flexible, and individually tailored integrative approach is what we offer. After the Initial Needs Assessment that includes consultations with doctors of various medical specialties and comprehensive medical examination, we make the program that fits the user’s needs the best way.

You can find more info about the whole procedure of admission at the end of this article.

Additional healthcare costs

Our assisted living and nursing home care facility provides medical services to a certain extent. If needed, our staff coordinates the appointment of the users to a closest hospital or outpatient clinic. The expenses of the hospital stay and medical treatments carried out there are not included in the price of our program. However, with the medical support we provide at the facility, such situations are rare and prices of medical treatments on Cuba is at least half the price compared to the US.

How much assisted living and nursing homes cost across the US – Why Cuba?

According to the American Seniors Housing Association, the median price for a one-bedroom apartment in the assisted living in 2017 was $48,000 annually, with a projection of 3% price increase over a five-year period.  Depending on the part of the US, annual expenses of assisted living can go up to $72,000 (NY).

Nursing homes are even more expensive throughout the US – median monthly price for a private room is $8,121 with a projection of 13% price increase over a five-year period. Depending on the part of the US, monthly expenses of nursing home care can go up to $12,927 (NY).

The good news is – treatment costs and our program prices are just a fraction of the price throughout North America

Cuba has been internationally renowned for its high-quality medical care at affordable prices. According to the Association of Caribbean States, the number of people from North America seeking for medical help in Cuba skyrockets every year- from 3,500 foreign patients in 2001 to 20,000 in 2005. The trend of medical tourism in Cuba kept growing up to this day. The list of available interventions is quite long- from minor fixes such as dentistry to major surgical procedures such as hip replacement.

Generally speaking, the bigger the intervention, the higher the price discrepancy between Cuba and the US is. The prices are at least 50-80% lower than those in the US; for some procedures, patients pay 3-5 times less than in the US.

Can you rely on the Cuban healthcare system?

Numbers show that Cuba matches first-world health statistics. The primary healthcare in Cuba operates through more than 450 outpatient clinics, which makes it one of the most proactive healthcare systems in the world.

Back in 1985, Cuba pioneered the vaccine against meningitis B. Since then, the country’s scientists developed medical treatments of unmatched efficacy in the world of medicine. Hepatitis B, diabetic foot, psoriasis, vitiligo, and lung cancer are just some of the conditions whose prognosis and treatment outcomes improved thanks to Cuba.

In 2015 WHO recognized that Cuba is the first country in the world to eliminate HIV and syphilis transmission from mother to child.

Airplane tickets to Cuba – it’s easier to get here than you might think

Arriving in Cuba is not expensive- depending on where you’re located in North America the ticket price ranges from $200 to $450, and the flight time ranges from 1h30min (from Miami) to about 4h (from Toronto).

Our assisted living and nursing care home can organize pick off and drop out to the airport. We take care of our users and their families from the moment they touch the soil of Cuba until they leave (transportation, correspondence with authorities, and all other necessary logistic support).

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

If you have any questions or you need additional info about the program, feel free to reach out to us (link to contact form and links to the programs)




  • Hugh (Last name withheld for privacy reasons)

    May 10, 2020 at 3:44 pm

    Need to send my mother to Cuba for at Least six months. From Jamaica. She was born 1946. No health problems, pretend sick, very lazy.


    • CubaHeal Team

      August 27, 2020 at 12:14 am

      Dear Hugh,

      We are forwarding your inquiry to our admin department in order for them to supply with full program details and the cost.

      Best regards,

      CubaHeal Team


    • CubaHeal Client Care

      April 6, 2023 at 9:25 pm

      Dear Huge,

      Can you please elaborate on the exact condition your mother is suffering from?


      CubaHeal Clients care


    • CubaHeal Client Care

      July 13, 2023 at 8:31 pm

      Dear Yvrose,

      Your inquiry had been forwarded to our admin department in order for them to reach out to you with full details of the medical program, the costs, and the steps you are required to complete in order for the admin team to be able to forward your complete medical dossier to the Cuban Medical Authorities for evaluation and determination of treatment suitability.

      Best regards


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