Medical Tourism In Cuba Is Becoming Increasingly Popular

March 14, 2019by CubaHeal Research2

Medical Tourism In Cuba Is Becoming Increasingly Popular

Why are so many US and other nations becoming so interested in Cuba’s medical tourism? Well Cuba has well trained doctors and nurses and excellent health facilities and that these facilities are funded by their government. This type of funding is vital to the medical facilities to ensure excellent care to their patients.

Medical tourism in cuba

Cuba’s medical facilities are well equipped for all kinds of medical treatments. Furthermore, the medical costs are at a fraction of what is charged in other international medical facilities. This is another huge factor why medical tourism is becoming more popular in this island.

Another reason why Cuba’s Medical tourism is rising. Cuba’s doctors are well versed in all types of medical conditions that can arise which makes it even more desirable to come to Cuba for medical care. The only issue for US citizens is that the US has more rules that its citizens have to follow. For instance they can go and visit Cuba but they have to follow rules that the government provides. US citizens also may be audited as to their visit in Cuba so they have to keep a strict record of why they were there.

Other countries like Canada for instance don’t have this restriction like US citizens do, so they can go and receive medical treatment. Tourism in Cuba is becoming more popular among other countries because of their affordable medical care and if needed surgical care.

There are medical professionals in the US that are hoping that these regulations will be waived so that their patients can receive excellent care and treatment. So far the negotiations towards that are looking to become more favorable which will help Cuba be able to fund more of their doctors salaries to further help cuba’s health tourism.

There is a website that can help with the pricing of cuba’s medical tourism. Cuba offer all kinds of packages so that choosing the right one that fits within your budget is attainable and desirable. health tourism in Cuba helps with them being able to give their doctors and staff a more stable income and that in turns helps Cuba out immensely.

Cuba’s medical tourism is a great asset to those that are needing specific healthcare. Cuba’s doctors have a more hands on approach to help their patients achieve their long term goals, which is great let’s say for an addict to overcome their addictions. The medical tourism in the republic of Cuba is gaining more notoriety and popularity among other countries.

Is medical tourism a good thing for Cuba? The answer is yes. The more popular it is becoming the more of an asset medical tourism is to Cuba. The more money that Cuba gains for their doctors, nurses and medical centers the more funding they can get for their patients as well. Medical tourism is really good for Cuba. It will help achieve more revenue and prove that their medical care is exceptionally great for everyone.


  • Judian Dennis

    March 14, 2019 at 9:52 pm

    I I’m living in Jamaica and I can’t see from my right eye because of a hit in it .The doctor up by the university hospital said its too late for the surgery I would love some help


    • Wael

      March 15, 2019 at 4:39 pm

      Dear Judian,

      Your request has been forwarded to our admin department to follow up with you.


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