Public health improvement (Egypt and Cuba)

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Public Health Improvement: Strengthening Egyptian-Cuban Relations

CAIRO – 18 April 2022: Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, as well as Acting Health Minister, Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, commended the depth and strength of Egyptian-Cuban relations. Recognizing the importance of collaboration, he emphasized the need to enhance cooperation between Egypt and Cuba in the fields of health and scientific research. The primary objective was to uplift healthcare services for the citizens of both countries, ensuring their well-being and advancement in the realm of public health

Public health improvement.

To explore new avenues of cooperation, Abdel Ghaffar held a meeting with the Cuban ambassador to Egypt, Tania Aguiar Fernandez. The discussion centered around various aspects of healthcare, aiming to identify innovative strategies for joint efforts. During this significant meeting, Abdel Ghaffar expressed his admiration for Cuba’s commendable expertise in medicine and public health. He acknowledged their distinguished healthcare system, widely recognized and respected worldwide. Egypt sought to benefit from this invaluable expertise whenever necessary, strengthening the bond between the two nations.

The meeting shed light on means to promote cooperation in scientific research, with an emphasis on leveraging the talents and scientific expertise available in both countries. Collaboration through research institutions and centers was seen as a promising path to advance knowledge and improve healthcare services. Recognizing the importance of knowledge exchange, both sides stressed the significance of sharing scientific and professional expertise. Such collaboration would pave the way for mutual growth and progress.

Moreover, the meeting addressed the idea of exchanging student missions from the faculties of medicine. This proposed exchange program aimed to foster cultural understanding and enable aspiring medical professionals to gain diverse experiences and perspectives. By fostering cooperation in education and training, both countries could contribute to producing well-rounded healthcare practitioners who are equipped to tackle the challenges of the future.

Furthermore, the exchange of doctors between Egypt and Cuba was discussed as a means to ensure the best possible outcomes in healthcare delivery. By facilitating the sharing of medical expertise and knowledge, both countries could enhance their healthcare systems and provide improved services to their respective populations. This exchange program would create opportunities for doctors to broaden their horizons, gain new insights, and collaborate with colleagues from different backgrounds.

Expressing gratitude, Ambassador Fernandez thanked Abdel Ghaffar for his dedication and commitment to cooperating with Cuba to enhance the fields of public health and scientific research. She affirmed her country’s keenness to work together with Egypt across various domains. This reaffirmation of mutual interest in collaboration highlighted the shared commitment to advancing healthcare and scientific knowledge for the benefit of both nations.

In conclusion, the meeting between Minister Abdel Ghaffar and Ambassador Fernandez underscored the significance of public health improvement and scientific research cooperation between Egypt and Cuba. By capitalizing on each other’s strengths and expertise, both countries aimed to elevate healthcare services, strengthen research capabilities, and foster long-lasting partnerships. Through collaborative efforts, Egypt and Cuba envisioned a future where their citizens would enjoy improved healthcare and enhanced well-being.



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